Residential fencing for San Antonio

Spice up your backyard and turn it into the private getaway of your dreams. We are here to make into reality all your ideas of the perfect private backyard space. With your vision leading the line, we’ll help you find the best design solutions that conform to your taste and budget.

With over 150 years of on-the-job experience, our well-grounded crew has all it takes to deliver on all your expectations. And as the cherry topping the cake of perfection, we can also help you install fencing and bespoke entrance gates that provide privacy, additional security and improve the value of your property.

Chain-link Fencing

Are you looking to secure your property without upsetting its open-air aesthetics? A chain-link fence is just what the doctor ordered. Crafted from premium grade galvanized steel, our chain-link fencing systems are durable, weather-resistant, and built to last. They come in a variety of colors, gauges, and coatings, all well suited to fit your preferences and budget.

If you’re the type who values privacy, a chain-link fence can be custom fitted with weave PVC slats to provide some additional cover and shade.

Farm and Ranch Fencing

The quality of a fence can be the difference between a successful ranch and one that flunks the bat. At Fence Pros of San Antonio, we are well in tune with the design and construction elements that make for a competent fencing system. In the last 50 years, we’ve successfully built and maintained fences to help safeguard the livestock of a long list of San Antonio’s farmers.

Our farm and ranching solutions are built to stand the test of time and adversity. That means you get the highest quality materials and a professional installation process conducted by industry veterans—all this and more at a more than competitive price point.

Iron and Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences are renowned for the sturdy and secure, but nonetheless premium finish they bring to the property lines of homeowners worldwide. The see-through nature delivers an open feel to your landscape, allowing visitors and passersby alike an opportunity to gaze on the beautiful scenery.

Fence Pros of San Antonio is your plug for all your aluminum and iron fencing needs. What’s more, if you want, you could as well add some ornamental finishes for that bespoke one-of-a-kind luxurious look.

Custom Fencing

Are you looking to get a fence designed and installed on your terms? We can help. Using the best materials available today, our skilled installation crew will partner with you to bring the best versions of your dream to reality.

We have demonstratable expertise at installing a wide variety of fences, from wooden to metal, and even vinyl, Fence Pros of San Antonio deliver quality custom fences that are guaranteed to impress.

Industrial and Commercial Perimeter Fencing

Experience, expertise, and manpower, we’ve got all it takes to handle even the most challenging perimeter fencing projects in and about San Antonio. Our proven capacity to deliver on client specifications is well reflected in our stellar clientele list.

We can execute contracts bothering on the installation of industrial-grade aluminum fencing, guardrails, and handrails, perimeter security fencing, chain link fencing and bollards for independent contractors or the Department of Transportation.

Pool Fencing

Building a pool to keep cool during San Antonio’s long summers is one thing, securing it with a fence that complies with local and state-wide safety regulations is another thing entirely. For that, you’ll need a fence design representative from Fence Pros of San Antonio.

Local laws vary from county to county, but we are well up to scratch with all that’s needed to make your pool fence safe, attractive, and complaint to these codes regardless of where you live.

Wood Fencing

Fence Pros of San Antonio offers you a chance to adorn your property with that rustic touch of sophistication and intrigue brought on by wood fences. Our custom wood panels are designed with privacy in mind and built to withstand San Antonio’s sunny skies and wet seasons.

When you choose Fence Pros of San Antonio for your wood fence installation, you’re guaranteed a quality installation that will last for years on end with minimal maintenance.

Faux stone and Vinyl Fences

Eco-friendly vinyl and faux stone fences provide an economical and practical means to secure your landscape. At Fence Pros of San Antonio, we install top of the line SimTek faux stone fencing products that are amongst other things:

  • resistant to high winds with speeds of over 100 mph
  • designed to provide excellent sound insulation
  • resistant to extreme heat with proven stability in temperatures as low as -40 degrees and as high as 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • easy to clean and maintain – graffiti can be swiped off with a pressure washer system
  • covered by a limited lifetime warranty
Custom Gates and Entrances

Give your property the exquisite treatment it deserves by installing a custom gate or entrance. Whatever your preferences are – wooden, aluminum, or iron entrances – at Fence Pros of San Antonio, we will work to create a regal entrance or gate that mirrors your taste to perfection.

Our professional installation crew is made up of adroit artisans who understand the intricacies of flawless and captivating design. So, rest easy knowing you’ve reached seasoned professionals with a knack for excellence.